Things I Didn't
Use to Know

As I stumble through the digital world,
here are some thingsI had to figure out
the hard/laborious/Google-intensive way.

Setting Up a Subdomain with Rails

This seemed like a really simple ask, but ended up being one of the most complex things I've had to do so far.

Tags: Subdomains, Ruby on Rails

Changing a Boolean Value Using a Rails Link

This took some serious Googling, but it has been useful in so many different projects. Archiving/unarchiving, giving users privileges, etc.

Tags: Ruby on Rails

Setting Up AWS S3 With Rails

Letting a user upload images is tricky because they have to, you know, live somewhere. Here's how to set up AWS S3 with the Paperclip gem.

Tags: AWS, S3, Paperclip, Images, Ruby on Rails

CSS Only Parallax

Parallax is rapidly becoming a necessity for any "modern" website, but not all of us feel like mucking around with Javascript all the time.

Tags: Parallax, CSS